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Welcome to Swiftlink 4 State
Written by Jeff   
Sunday, 28 December 2014

  Here at SwiftLink and 4 State Wisp we have been working hard lately. That is great news for our customers because around here hard work translates into faster and more reliable service. We are continuing to dominate the competition with the lowest price point and highest quality service in the area.

 The cost of basic service on the 4 State WISP Network is $30 per month for a 768K download speed. Each .25 Meg increase in speed from there is $7 up to 1.50 Meg. After that each additional .25 Meg is $5 up to 2.50 Meg. Upload speed is 512K regardless of your download speed. A $7 per month maintenance plan is required to ensure equipment is performing properly and service is working to the customers router.

 A typical 768K connection is $37 per month or $111 every 3 months and $444 every 12 months.

 A typical 2 Meg connection is $68 per month or $204 every 3 months and $816 every 12 months.

 There is a 2% discount for bills paid 3 months at a time, 3% for 6 months, 4% for 9 months and 5% for 12 months.

 All SwiftLink service plans remain the same and can be seen here:

As always there are no contracts or data caps around here.


April 8 2014

 In 2013 we brought on line a new Network called 4 State WISP which is an N only Network. We have began moving customers over to the new Network. Customers have the option of switching or staying with SwiftLink if they are satisfied with their current service. Not all customers will be eligible for the switch.

 Currently SwiftLink customers have the option of renting or buying their equipment. The 4 State WISP Network operates differently. Customers neither rent nor buy their equipment as it is furnished.

 Yearly customers that wish to stay on the SwiftLink Network and keep their plans may do so by paying for another year at renewal time.

 SwiftLink customers currently renting their equipment will be given the option to buy it at a discounted price or continue to rent.

 Most customers currently have excellent service. There are however a select few customers whose service is inconsistent. Ninety-nine percent of these instances are related to old equipment that the customers own themselves. If you are one of these customers, please notify me at 402-245-0878 to discuss upgrading your equipment regardless of which network you choose to use.

 More information will be coming in the near future.

 Also, the customer e-mail list needs to be updated so we can delete unused accounts. If you currently use SwiftLink e-mail, send a confirmation e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it including a list of all user accounts you currently have. All other e-mail accounts will be deleted in 30 days.


Nov 15 2012

SwiftLink was established in 2005 and purchased by the current owner in 2011. As many of our customers already know prior to that a fiber optic backbone was installed. The present owner has taken full advantage of that fact and streamlined SwiftLink to focus almost souly on providing the highest quality, most affordable Internet Service in the area.

We want to take a moment to thank our loyal patrons who are the best any small buisness could ever have. Also we would like to remind them to call Jeff anytime they experience a problem with service. 402 245 0878

Below are some services offered by SwiftLink. Just click on the links at the top right of this page to get more information.

Wireless High Speed Internet Service

SwiftLink 4 State Wireless Internet LLC provides high speed wireless internet service to Southeast Nebraska and Northeast Kansas. Coverage includes the cities, towns, villages and surounding rual areas of:

Falls City, Salem and Preston in Nebraska

Hiawatha, Morrill, Reserve, Padonia and Hamlin in Kansas

SwiftLink Wireless Internet functions independent of phone and cable networks, so you do not need a phone line or cable connection to qualify for Internet Service. And with unheard-of service rates as low as $25.00 per month for 768k down and 512k up, the competition is sucking our dust. Faster speeds and dedicated links are available.

Home & Business Network Installation and Consulting

We can assist you with your networking needs.

 Web Design and Hosting

Our affiliates at 4 State Service can design a web site for your personal use or for your buisness and include hosting for as little as $10.00 per month.


What is the SwiftLink Advantage


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